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  • Apple presses?

    Can anyone recommend a good quality apple press? I have heaps every year and want to be prepared this time! Something that won't break the bank...

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    I think we got ours from Tompress, it's a French site but the service was brilliant. You can make them but we decided to buy.

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      I bought a wine press of ebay for about £20-30 Good for small amounTS but might not be big enough if you have loads.


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        I'm also thinking of going into the apple pressing too, just been reading about it the October GYO, plenty to choose from in there.


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          How many is heaps? and where abouts are you? Is it worth looking for any apple days near you as some will press them for you.

          Edit: Oh and welcome to the vine
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            Planning a trip to machine mart on Monday to check their press out, anyone use one of theirs? I'm looking to make about 40 pints od cider in a barrel, using my own 3 types of apple, would the 6 litre be adequate? All advice gratefully received.


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