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Loganberry friut wine or add to red/white


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  • Loganberry friut wine or add to red/white

    Has anyone tried a pure loganberry wine or added it to a red or white kit wine. I want to try one of these with my loganberries anyone have any idea which would be better or how much to add to a demijohn of red or white?

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    Have thought about it but I think you would lose a lot of the "bite" that a loganberry has.
    If I was I would most likely do it as a late addition type.
    Water, grape juice, sugar, nutrient, yeast and ferment it to about 1.020 (or 1.010), then throw in the loganberry's for 3 or 4 days. Then transfer to a DJ and allow to complete.

    Could use something other then grape juice if wanted.
    Perhaps 1 litre grape and 1 litre pear.

    Might be able to do with a wine kit, kick it off, when at 1.020/1.010 add the loganberry's.

    If you add loganberry's to a kit you will get more sediment then with just the kit, pretty obvious but just in case.

    Could add half the loganberry's at the start and half late on as an alternative.
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      Thanks for the help, I have a wilko Pinot Grigio 30 bottle kit fermenting at the moment I will try a demijohn of it mixed with loganberries and see how it goes. Do you think they go better in a wine or a cider?


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        if you deeply freeze and thaw the berries a couple of times, you break down
        the cell walls and get better flavour extraction. I do this with blackberries,
        cut off the corner of the freezer bag and just pour off the juice and ferment
        that. White grape juice is like hens teeth ATM, but I got some at ASDA
        this Monday.


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          Thanks for that I am already freezing them until I have enough and am planning on going to ASDA today so will try to get some white grape juice and use that instead of the kit wine. How does yours taste and how long do you age it for pete?


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            Been on hols, just seen your reply. I bulk mature
            all my fresh fuit wines in five litre Tescos Ashdown water
            PETs, having used the water for the wine. The
            blackberry and elderberry wines I start in the
            next few months will be drunk Xmas next year.
            For quick maturing wines I use a packet of fruit
            teabags (Clipper dandelion and burdock is my
            favourite) with a litre of grape juice and sugar.
            This is drinkable after a month.


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