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Hoping for the best, yet again!


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  • Hoping for the best, yet again!

    I must be losing my marbles!!!

    Went shopping a little while ago, and saw a shed load of strawberries reduced to 20p per punnet from tesco (the one's you get the free cream with, still got them free too).
    Anyway, I thought I best not go mad (she says as she ran for the ailse). I don't know what come over me but I managed to grab 6 punnets and 6 single creams. Hubby said I could fill a basket, but wish I could of filled a trolley like this other woman I saw.

    So... I thought I know, i'll eat them. Then I pondered on the thought of strawberry wine. Then hubby pipes up... how's about strawberry champagne.
    Well after lots of searching for a champagne recipe (thought maybe I could copy the elderflower) I came up blank.

    So here's what I did! God help me!!

    I tried to bring 1ltr of water to the boil with the strawberries in to soften them, and mushed them as I went. Then poured in some sugar, but it wasn't disolving too well, so decided that I would disolve the sugar in another litre of water (boiling of course).
    Now I have mushed up strawb's and the sugar disolved I pour that all into my bucket. I topped it up to 10 litres with cold, and then threw a tsp of yeast in to help ferment it.

    It's not sitting in the shed hopefully getting it's act together and doing the business.

    Anyone else tried this, I'm not too fussed if it don't turned out right, as it only cost me 80p

    Fingers crossed eh?

    Oh the batch of mixed fruit wine should be ready for the bottle next week, haven't looked at it for a couple of weeks. But last time I checked it, it was potent and stinking the airing cupboard out! Getting high on fumes each time I go for a towel now! Woohoo

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    I once made the best Strawberry wine I ever achieved, by a somewhat similar approach. Only difference was I didn't boil the fruit at all, but then the fruit I had was over-ripe!
    I got given loads of frozen blackberries, which are now sitting in a bucket with a bag of sugar (no it isn't still In the bag<g>) and some water. Yeast etc goes in this evening, straining into demijohn by weekend.....
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