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Thread: What's your top 5 cut flowers, from seed?

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    Sep 2011

    Default What's your top 5 cut flowers, from seed?

    I'm planning on starting a cut flower patch at the plot, but it's hard to tell from the packs if something's good as a cut flower, or it has a teeny stem or loses all the petals overnight. Anyway, I'd like to try something new, as I'm starting again from scratch.

    I always used to grow:
    nigella ('cos it self seeded everywhere, not growing it was harder)
    sweet Williams (lovely, but I won't get flowers til next year)
    and clary sage (for a touch 'o clarse)

    Oh, and sweet peas.

    So, what does well for you?
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    burnie is offline Veggie gardener
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    Jul 2006


    I haven't sown many flower seeds in my life, a bit of the if you can't eat it sort of attitude, though always had Roses, Sweet Peas were my only proper go last year, this year there will be more.
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    Thelma Sanders is offline Gardening Guru
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    Feb 2011
    Willesborough, Kent


    Ammi Majus, Italian white sunflowers, Rudbekia Cherry Brandy, Cosmos Purity (white) and double click mixed (white, pinks & reds)

    In the past I've grown lots of Dahlias from seed and kept the tubers for planting the next year. I'm very tempted by Sunny Reggae dahlias - but sitting on my hands atm because I've already bought lots of seeds this year
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    Scarlet's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Just over the bridge


    Hmm, I don't know if I could choose....

    Rudbeckia are my all time favourite - there's loads of varieties and they will flower in Autumn when other flowers are well past their best and they last forever in a vase.
    Sunflowers - they make everyone smile.
    Sweet peas cos they are never ending.
    Zinnias, fabulous in a hand tie.
    Echinacea - they don't seem to be long lived in my garden but I'm a sucker for a pink flower and the white one is fab too

    ^^^OMG! I forgot dahlias ....
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    Norfolkgrey's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    You get one guess :)


    Ok I shall bore you and these are only from my opinion and experience. It might be worth just going through

    From my current memory I have 10 top flowers. (All from seed no probs)
    Larkspur - hardy annual. Can also be dried as well. Great for wildflower/ meadow look arrangements
    tithonia - plants are 1.5m tall and wide and will give and give over the season. Last well but cutting at the right point of 'ripeness' is not as easy as some flowers. tender annual
    dahlia - easy to pick up mixed seeds and they are just fantastic. Singles are great for wildlife but tend to have a shorter life span in the vase. So opt for decorative, pompon or cactus varieties. perennial
    Nicotiana - great filler, lasts well in vase. Annual
    Zinnia - fantastic focal flowers, gives and gives, lasts well in a vase. Deserves a couple of varieties being grown. Tender annual
    Cosmos - again fantastic, worth growing a couple of varieties. Annual
    Achillea - Great filler and adds a different element. lasts well in a vase. perennial
    Helenium Autumnale - Lollipop. Great for something different and to size up arrangements without making them bulky. perennial
    Persicaria - I used a weed last year but it gave a lovely droopy affect. Lasted well. Am growing the domesticated version this year. Persicaria orientalis.
    aster/ Michaelmas Daisy they do tend to come all at once towards the end of the year but I think they are worth it for that last hooray. Perennial

    Ones I am still hunting the right strain/variety
    Coneflower - Echinacea
    Anthirrinum/ snapdragon

    Others worth considering
    wallflowers and sweet williams for earlies. Sweet Williams are also good in the green as a filler. Bi-annual.
    Valerian. long season filler comes in white, pink and red. Lasts well in a vase Perennial, can become invasive.
    Alliums - welsh onions, chives etc are easy from seed add a different texture and usually don't smell after conditioning.
    Poppies - more for their seed heads as they add a different texture
    Bells of Ireland- can be difficult at germination stage but fantastic in a vase.

    Things that are on my banned list
    Cleome - they smell like something illegal and the thorns are not easy to deal with
    Ammi majus, ammi visnaga, carota daucus, cow parsley all part of the same family but they just shed pollen everywhere and it just bugs me
    Gypsophila - I like it but for the times I have grown it, it has been temperamental and often too delicate to do anything with.
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    mothhawk's Avatar
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    Apr 2011


    My top five from seed...hmm...hard to choose....
    sweet pea, annual
    cosmos, annual
    delphinium, I like 'Magic Fountain', the "dwarf" ones best, the flower is almost as big but the stem's a lot shorter so seldom need staking
    lupin, short lived perennial
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    Endless wonder.

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    Thelma Sanders is offline Gardening Guru
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    Feb 2011
    Willesborough, Kent


    WARNING: Flower Pawn

    Somehow, these just jumped into my basket

    I wanted some more High Scent SP seeds (grew it last year) and they just looked so lovely with the poppies in the pic................

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    WPG's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    Co Down


    I can't narrow it down to five...

    ox-eye daisy - this complements any other colour in the vase, but it's the longevity that I like most - it's always the last flower standing in the vase. Some of its relatives smell like cat pee when cut, but this one is neutral.

    sweet pea - still trying to identify the most scented, but I like matacuna

    escholzia or californian poppy - searing the stems in near-boiling water will double their vase life.

    verbena bonariensis - good vase life, the colour seems more luminous after they've been cut

    clary sage denim blue - just for the amazing colour

    cosmos - I prefer the pink varieties, they seem to last longer than white

    phacelia - grown as a green manure and doesn't have any scent, but the shape and colour of the flowers look interesting in a vase

    My final one is a bit of a cheat, as it's a perennial and not usually from seed, though I am going to try growing from seed this year - alstromeria. Grows all summer long, very long lasting in water.

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