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    Default advice on pears and plums

    I have apples which I grow in containers, which do very well. I would be interested in getting a Victoria plum or conference pear also for a container. I live in south east scotland, would they grow ok here and are they suitable for containers. I bought my apples from Blackmoor and I see they have a Victoria plum on a smaller rootstock. Any advice appreciate thanks
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    I'm not a grower of fruit trees in containers, other than seedling apple trees grown from pips, but there have been plenty of threads on this subject and quite a few people on the vine have lots of relevant experience.
    That said, I don't see any problem with either, pretty reliable, variety, provided you get them on appropriate rootstocks and use decent sized pots in the long term. Watering is the biggest issue with pots for me. Pears are very responsive to water while the fruit is expanding. Commercial growers are encouraged to irrigate as this increases size/yields significantly. On the other hand you have to be careful with plums as sudden over watering towards the end of the ripening period is likely to cause splitting of the fruit.

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    I have some apples and pears in large pots and they are fine, as a plum should be, but don't try the likes of a bramley as its a bit of a thug, I scrape about 1/2ins off the top of their soil and feed with a small handful of BFB, and put some fresh john innes No3 back on top and that's all I do except to pick the fruit...mind you we are on the west coast of Scotland so we don't have to worry about watering our pots.....
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