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    Default Muddy boot problem.

    I havenít lost the plot with this question...excuse the pun but, does any one know if such a thing exists as boot covers that go over your garden boots so you donít get a massive
    Build up of mud on your boots when walking in very very muddy areas. Yes I know thatís what boots are for but its taking me an age to get rid of the build up before I head home.
    The reason being

    In their wisdom the council decided it would be real wheeze to cut the hedgerows surrounding our allotment area. They picked the very worst rainy week (I am in Sussex)
    For the job. Leaving great welts of mud (I can barely stay upright in let alone walk,) from a hedge cutter Itís a disgrace.
    Donít even get me started on the hacking job they did on the hedges. The branches look as if they have been chewed. Itís shocking and from what I understand detrimental to regrowth. I know these jobs have to be done and often in an allocated time space but
    Youíd think common sense would prevail in such weather conditions.

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    Boot covers do exist.
    They're used right throughout many aspects of industry such as food, health, farming etc.
    They're predominantly used by anyone going from a dirty to a clean area.
    I've tried plastic bags, they're very slippy.
    I use two pairs, one to remain in the muddy region (muddy boots kept in the greenhouse) then i transfer to the cleaner pair.
    I never ever clean the muddy pair

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