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Thread: This could be interesting ... maybe.

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    bobbin is offline Rooter
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    Default This could be interesting ... maybe.

    I've taken on 4 extra raised beds on my allotment. This is with a view to having a flower cutting garden.
    The soil is very good as the chap before me had the plot for 30+ years but has left to focus on cruises with his wife.
    I've prepared the beds and in one planted ... all correctly spaced etc ... 100 Pound Shop x
    4 variety bulbs.
    PLEASE will you stop laughing,now!
    It's an experiment but I'd love to know if anyone has had success from such a cheap source. I'm really excited to see if they germinate. I want flowers for my home, gifts and to enter the local Horticultural show.
    My aim is to waft by the other allotmenteers with armfuls of beautiful blooms
    Sara Raven style .. complete with similar slightly wan look of ..
    " Oh these? I just threw in the bulbs" look on my face
    Ha ha.
    Does any one have suggestions for successful cutting flowers they have tried? I'm afraid I'm not a sunflower fan. Not for cutting anyway.
    I'm really looking forward to your replies. Thanks.

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    THere's nothing wrong with £ shop bulbs as long as they haven't been sat on the shelf since last year. They don't have the varieties that the other suppliers offer, that's all. I often buy them.
    Make 2019 the Year of Random Seed sowing
    All we are saying is..........Give seeds a chance.

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    Thelma Sanders is offline Gardening Guru
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    Feb 2011
    Willesborough, Kent


    Sarah Raven has some good ideas, which work for me, although I don't buy her seeds which seem expensive
    Look at her catalogue online for more ideas, her Dahlia catalogue collections are to die for, but you can usually buy them cheaper as individual varieties from Peter Nyssen.
    Last year I tried Sunset Buff calendula (shades of peach/buff/cream) which was brilliant with the dahlias I have. Sweet peas are another must for me I grow the King fragrant collection they really do smell wonderful
    Good luck and have fun with your colours

    Good luck
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    Norfolkgrey's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    You get one guess :)


    Here are a few threads for you to peruse if you haven't already. Lots to inspire. I have had my fair share of cheapy shop plants, seeds and bulbs and am happy to keep having a bash with them.

    Cut Flowers 2019
    Cut Flowers 2018
    cut flowers 2017

    Bulbs in cut flower patch
    Top 5 cut flowers from seed
    Quick and prolific flowers?
    dried flowers
    What is flowering well?
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    Scarlet's Avatar
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    Hmm, I've posted loads of dahlia pics - I think in the flower a day thread.
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    farendwoman is offline Rooter
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    Oct 2009


    I would definitely suggest cornflowers, clary, calendula, cosmos and ammi - all dead easy from cheap(ish) packets of seed.
    Sarah Raven sells five plugs of all of these at a price that is significantly more than the hundreds you’d get from a packet of seeds.
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    A few years ago Mrs B bought a couple of pound shop bags of gladioli corms. They all came up, have multiplied and provide dozens of cut stems for the house. Our lotty supplies us with lots of cut flowers that we otherwise wouldn't afford. Irises and freesias always look expensive (to me) and statice when dried last all winter.

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