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    swaine is offline Sprouter
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    Jan 2008

    Default Anyone Still Gather Wild Fruit?

    im rather intrested if anyone still does this?
    if you still do what do you collect?
    from a small boy i was taken collecting by both mum and dad,
    blackberries mainly, but as i grew i managed to collect all from the wild
    the following, apples,blackberries,plums,gages,damsons,bullaces,r ed raspberries,billberries, red and white currants (ALL WILD)
    im aged 30,and work in a hotel with many eastern europeans, who are highly intrested in collecting wild food and often go with me on a hunt,(males and females)they are very knowlegable on wild foods including mushrooms, they say its been passed down from mum dad,gran,grandad,
    i have to say vastly more knowlegable on wild foods, than the british lads and girls i work with and there chefs!,
    im looking for reasurrance that this skill is still in place (collecting wild food)in the uk
    and being passed onto children, others etc,are we no longer in need of wild food?
    your thoughts,experiances,opions much appriciated,

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    Guilden Morden, Royston
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    Hi Stew... Yup, we go balckberry picking each year and my little boy loves it! It's also a fab chance to spy lots of butterflies as the areas that blackcurrants are in are very overgrown areas.

    Mind you, I'll be asking OH to come with me this year as there were a few problems with local "youths" which has now made me feel a tab vulnerable out on my own with little man

    "There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children; one of these is roots, the other wings" - Hodding Carter

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    smallblueplanet's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Vale of Pewsey


    Try asking your european friends about home made drinks?

    We made very tasty sloe gin & bramble brandy this year.

    To see a world in a grain of sand
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    Seahorse's Avatar
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    Jun 2007


    Despite getting scratched to pieces we had great fun collecting wild blackberries last year (still have a few in the freezer!). We also collected quite a lot of elderberries but were thwarted in our search for sloes. I've recently bought a book in the hope it will give me more pointers towards what is safely and practically edible.
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    Flummery's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    East Yorkshire


    I collect sloes, brambles, wild plums, cherry plums, bullaces, elderberries, crab apples. I use them in jams, jellies, chutneys and wines. Wouldn't be without them!
    Last edited by Flummery; 11-02-2008 at 09:06 PM. Reason: can't spell chutney!
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    swaine is offline Sprouter
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    Jan 2008


    well done all, im impressed,
    SMALLBLUEPLANET, i now what you mean about the drinks,
    i was taking to a female bulgarian chef the other day shes going home for a holiday in the summer was telling me they go into the mountains and collected all wild fruit to produce jams and drinks,i was a bit jealous lol,
    they seemed to have aquired the skills to produce presevarvable items from there finds
    and last year a young waiter brought his girlfriend over from france, for the weekend, and when we went out round the forest collecting ,we came across her collecting blackberries in the morning, by 5pm she presented us all with pots of blackberry jam, made from the berries, i was gobsmacked, not something i see the youth of today doing, with that sentance i now im getting old lol,stewart

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    johnygreenfeet's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    west sussex


    i collect blackberries for crumble and mushrooms but the maggots put me off a bit the apples i get are not really wild but the people who own the trees are

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    Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (Is there a nice bit?)


    I have gathered from the wild,blackberries, mushrooms,puffballs,sloes,plums,bilberries, rosehips,quince,hazelnuts,raspberries,strawberries .

    I have my favourite secret places for gathering each of the above, some of them dating back 30 years or more!
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