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Thread: Its been a good year for the bindweed

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    KairdiffKid is offline Seedling
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    Apr 2015

    Default Its been a good year for the bindweed

    If there's anything that has grown really well this year it's the bindweed or at least it has for me.

    Any tips for controlling the blasted stuff, because I swear it's growing in places it never has before?

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    Thelma Sanders is offline Gardening Guru
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    Feb 2011
    Willesborough, Kent


    Blimming stuff, it's all over the plot this year - can't keep up with it.
    I'm going to have to start spot weedkiller treatment again.
    I did it for the first couple of years and thought that was the end of it, WRONG
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    happyhumph is offline Cropper
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    May 2016
    windy hill top in South Pembrokeshire


    Depends where it's growing. You have two options really - an awful lot of digging, making sure you get rid of every little bit of root (or it will re-grow), or glysophate to weaken it followed by, you guessed it, lots of digging

    I have known it grow quite happily under paving slabs until it finds a bit of soil to pop up from. Whatever you do don't put it in your compost heap. Either bin it, send it to council green waste (they generally have higher temp composting which breaks it down), or dry it out completely & add to compost or drown it. Good luck!

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    Oct 2014


    I stick canes in the ground whenever they become available.
    The bindweed spirals up them and yanking the cane out brings great clups of bindweed with it....very cathartic

    Other than that its just a case of pulling up as I walk round the plot and garden. First thing I do each visit...wander round, pulling bindweed as I go, deciding what jobs to do today.
    I think of it as a little job that will never go away. Its not so bad as jobs go except if you go away on holiday...then its a bit of a nightmare when you come back.

    I never use weedkiller so this is my way of living with it.

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