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    solway cropper is offline Cropper
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    Jun 2009
    north-west Cumbria

    Default last!

    Noticed lots of baby runner beans on the plants today. I've had loads of flowers and was wondering if I'd ever see a bean this year but they've finally arrived. Only half an inch long but it's a start.

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    binley100's Avatar
    binley100 is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jun 2009
    under a rain cloud
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    It makes it all worth while doesn't it.
    I'd just like to see some stems and leaves on mine
    S*d the housework I have a lottie to dig
    a batch of jam is always an act of creation ..Christine Ferber

    You can't beat a bit of garden porn

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    Bountyhunter is offline Sprouter
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    Jun 2010


    I have been confused with my plants this year. Only a few have flowered but they are very slow to produce beans. I have picked the odd one. the other plants havnt even flowered. I had a hard time germinating the seeds too. I think it was too hot for them.

    I have picked loads of beans from the dwarf plants. A few people have been having problems it seems this year.

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    coreopsis's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Inverness-shire,the Highlands


    Mine ones are strange.Last year I had some Painted Lady,this year I decided to go for Hestia(dwarf).Some plants have died,some are lying on the ground looking so-so.Now they are covered with bunches of flower so I might eventually get something this year.

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