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    Default Hazel Trees/truffle spores

    The last thread on something similar died back in 2006 - has anyone tried growing hazel with spores impregnated?

    I've wanted to grow them for about about 5 years - and have researched the soil type etc. and am preparing to order the trees, now we finally have space to grow them!

    This is fairly longish term project, and I'd love any tips if anyone's got 'em?

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    No tips, sorry. But, if you do come up with anything - please do post it. I am vey interested in doing something similar here.

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    We've got a couple - a black one and a white one from Seeds of Italy - they've been in about 4 and a bit years. We planted them a bit close together and they're quite big now, they were tiny 'sticks' when we got them. We didn't really think enough about where to put them....more importantly we didn't think about how we'd 'find' any truffles that might miraculously appear! I shall send the OH to have a firkle around later...apparently Wiltshire has truffles naturally!
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    Have had 2 black ones for past 2 yrs. no truffles but considered splitting them to make more. Don't see why it wouldn't work!

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