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    Default Spring Onion or Chilli Seeds for Swap

    I have some un-opened packets of Ishilkura Spring Onion seeds sow by year 2006 and some un-opened packets of Capsicum Hot and Spicy Chilli seeds sow by year 2008. Both are Mr. Forthergills.

    Would like to swap for other veg seeds or sweetpea seeds Up-dated Regularly

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    Feb 2008
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    hi there i have an unopened broccoli and a carrot nantes packet sow by 2011 i believe i'd be more than happy to take the chilli off your hands if you still interested in a trade? you choice of either

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    i have some sweetpea seeds i would swap for the chilli seeds. pm me if you are interested.
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    I also have some sweetpea seeds I'd like to swap for some chilli seeds - I have the following varieties - Castle of Mey (cream), Peacock (pink) & Charlie's Angels (blue)

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