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    Default Organic Hungarian Hotwax Chilli seeds to swap

    Hi all
    I have had a bumper crop from my Hungarian Hotwax chillis and have some seeds to offer as swaps.

    If you dont know what these are like, they are quite big plants with long thick skinned chillies. I have found the plants very productive. The chillis are medium heat, not too over powering.
    I am looking for any of the following:
    SCOTCH BONNET (chillies)
    Turnip manchester market
    oriental greens
    winter density lettuce
    amish paste tomato
    shirley tom (or similar)

    (for next year.)

    **Although I can offer a few for an SAE from regular vine members.**
    Thanks all

    PS I dont mind swapping in advance (ie on a promise of seeds when harvested/purchased etc)

    Ta muchly xx

    PS its the same wants list as the other swap.
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