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    Default Dyers chammomile

    I picked 10 seed heads off this lovely plant yesterday. The original seed head fell on the floor at Ryton and I picked it up and sowed it. We have had a lovely display this year and so I'm offering one seed head per SAE received.

    PM me if you want one. Organic, as it came from Garden Organic and has been grown organically here.

    This beautiful daisy type flower grows to about 18inches, and about 2 ft wide sprawl; the bees love it. And when it blows in the wind it makes a lovely susurration.

    I'll crumble the seed head down to less than 5mm wide, so a small letter envelope will get it to you.

    Picture is from the internet, not my own garden [I wish].
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    Ryton must be a very tidy place with us grapes visiting regularly!

    I'd like some for my daughter please.

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