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    NIC PIPPIN is offline Seedling
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    nr ware - hertfordshire

    Default Pickled Garlic Recipe.....Please Help

    I found the recipe over the week end for pickled garlic. I have obviously put it some where so safe that I now can not find it at home, but I can also not find it on the site again I would love to try this recipe. Please could you help me - thank you very much

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    Polly Fouracre is offline Early Fruiter
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    Mar 2007


    This isfrom Oded Schwartz book "Preserving" and if you can still get it just reading it will make your mouth water!!
    Be aware,when I first made this the garlic went a beautiful but inedible looking tourquise colour.Iwas told this was because I had used dried garlic instead of fresh and that it would have been perfectly safe to use,but I panicked and threw it away!

    17 fl.oz.white wine vinegar
    2 tablespoons salt
    1kg.or 2lbs. fresh!! garlic

    Put vinegar and salt in a non-corrosive pan.Bring to the boil and boil for 2-3 mins.Remove from heat and leave to cool.
    Separate garlic cloves and blanch briefly to remove skins.IF USING GREEN GARLIC REMOVE OUTER SKIN AND SLICE BULB CROSSWAYS IN HALF.
    Blanch in boiling water for 1 minute then drain and put in sterilized jars.Pour in vinegar,weight down garlic with a sterilized any thing that fits your jar,til cool then seal.Leave for at least one month before using.
    This takes less time to do than it does to type it out with two fingers!!!!

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    NIC PIPPIN is offline Seedling
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    Jun 2007
    nr ware - hertfordshire


    Thank you so much Polly Fouracre
    I am going to do pickled onions and pickled sherried shallotts this year for the first time so this recipe for pickled garlic will be great. Have a feeling my breath may suffer but never mind - strong cheddar, crusty bread and home made pickled onions - yum yum ) Thank you again

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    dexterdoglancashire's Avatar
    dexterdoglancashire is offline Mature Fruiter
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    Default Garlic vinegar

    Not sure if this is of any use but this is taken from Preserving (Cordon Bleu)

    8 - 9 clove garlic
    1pt white or red wine vinegar

    Peel the cloves of garlic and crush with a knife or in a mortar. Boil the vinegar and pour it onto the garlic in a large jar. Cover and leave to stand for 2 weeks then strain off and bottle.

    Bernie aka DDL

    Appreciate the little things in life because one day you will realise they are the big things

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