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Thread: Where to find?

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    Apr 2010

    Default Where to find?

    I live in Chelmsford, Essex and am trying to find an Indian Runner Duck for sale.. does anyone know where I should start looking? In this case, google is not my friend!

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    You could try the Practical Poultry Forum - they have a Livestock sale board on there...

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    Try putting up an ad in your local feed store or village shop. You might find someone just down the road has some for sale that you didn't know about.

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    zanush is offline Germinator
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    Apr 2010


    Great - thank you so much for the info.

    I have spoken to a duck breeder who has a female that is no longer suitable for breeding from (she lays very small eggs apparently) and we can have her on Friday.

    (And not a minute too soon as Daffy Duck was attempting inappropriate cross species relations with Maggie-the-super-layer this morning)

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