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Thread: egg update

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    Default egg update

    Just for a minute I wondered if eggs could get smaller ( they are usually 35g) as one this morning has weighed in at 19g ( awwwww)

    Suddenly I noticed one of the cockerels mounting Alice ( who is point of lay in January) and the penny dropped ( yey!!!!)
    It was only last night that I read a cockerel will only mount a laying 2+ 1 = I've got 3 chooks a laying now!!!

    Out of interest a couple of weeks ago I found on the floor of the chookhouse a piece of what looked like rubber eggshell completely empty and torn. It was normal size so I doubt it was a POL gift.Strange cos all the other eggs have had good strong shells ( a double bash on the side of the pan sort of thickness)
    Nothing like a solid rubber egg- just an empty , thin 'cast' of an egg.

    Nothing like that since though!
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    My ex-batts seem to produce the shell-less eggs which are encased in that sort of membrane. They only appear occasionally - usually for a few days together and then ok for ages. My main worry is that the membrane will break inside as did happen with one. Had to get her on antibiotics - thought she had bright yellow diahorrea till I realised it was egg yolk!
    Glad your POLs are all now layers!

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    The first few eggs I got from my girls were very soft shelled like rubber, apparently thats normal till the get the hang of it. Make sure there bums are clean if they are laying soft shells. In case it sticks

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