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    Default starting from scratch....

    We have just moved in to our first house with what I would call a 'real' garden, as opposed to a yard, balcony or 'patch'....thankfully it's a blank canvas, the last occupants obviously weren't gardeners and whilst they've kept the lawn neat, what I am faced with is fence to fence grass without borders or any variation other than a large tree in one corner.
    All quite exciting really as it means I have a free reign to design my own garden without the guilt of removing plants that were to somebody elses taste. My first task however is to plant a hedge. The front of the house has just a 3ft wire fence seperating the garden (the bulk of outdoor space is to the front of the house rather than the back) from the road and I'd like a hedge to provide a little more enclosure.
    Whatever I plant must be dog friendly (we have a golden labrador named Ruby) and child friendly (our son Sebastian is only 12 weeks old at present but it won't be long before he's able to enjoy the garden too!)
    Having never been a gardener until now through lack of opportunity I've no idea where to start I would love some tips on a) how to even begin installing this hedge along the existing wire fence and b) what sort of hedge to go for.
    I ought to say that the house is a red brick built farm house in the middle of fields, and so I am going for quite a natural, English farm house garden, hopefully that will attract lots of birds. I want whatever we do with the garden to be in keeping with our surroundings.
    Look forward to your thoughts!

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    windy east coast, sandy soil


    Hedges are slow growing, so don't expect anything like instant results.

    I guess you'd like a mixed, edible, hedgerow type affair, rather than a line of boring privet? This is useful: How to grow wildlife hedges and shrubs
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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