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    Default Green Tomato Curry

    Not so much a recipe, as a method for dealing with a glut of green tomatoes. I picked two buckets of green tomatoes, mostly plum type, and used this to process one bucket.

    Rinse and chop the tomatoes into a very large (jam) pan, with about half a cup of oil, adding a dozen onions, and three heads of garlic (I got bored after 3 heads !). Added one 100g pack of Rajah garam masala, purchased from our local Asian supermarket, a heaped tablespoon of turmeric, and salt ...

    When it was well stewed - about an hour of cooking, I blitzed it with my hand blender to make it smooth.

    The sauce has been frozen off in small quantities for use as required, adding other ingredients to make finished meals.

    This made two gallons.

    As a base curry sauce, this is my most impressive concoction yet. I still have another bucket of tomatoes in the conservatory, and tonnes more on the allotment.

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    guess you like tomatoes then? dexterdog
    Bernie aka DDL

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    An Apt name as well Welcome to the Vine Curry - or should that be Tomato Vine Curry
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    Update - another two gallons made from the second bucketful, and frozen off according to my wife. Fortunately, I adore curry ...

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    Hi Curry, is the green tomato curry very hot or just medium as my OH does'nt like very spicey food.

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    sounds lovley curry. mmm
    Yo an' Bob
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    give all you can
    and your produce will be bountifull

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