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Thread: Hi new to the grapevine - worm tickler

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    Default Hi new to the grapevine - worm tickler

    Most of my life has been dominated by a Search for Specimen Fish (primarily Carp) . Last year my great Friend Mick passed away after along struggle with illness and old age . suddenly i had no support group and all the joy of my pursuit was lost ,in short i lost my confidence to fish at night i guess my time was up. My weight had balloned medicated diabetes , atrial fibrulation, and a terrible feeling of sadness . I was ordering a pair of jeans and i have to say i was ashamed size 40 waist something had to be done . I moved to Letchlade 9 years ago after retiring early and travelling in Europe for 8 years with a 9 metre motorhome and a smart car on a trailer .After the move i started to search locally for an allotment. at the time it was a fruitless task all I could find was a bit of farmland which the farmer leased off to locals lots of probs i just did not fancy it at all! . At the end of 2017 i was reading one of the many free mags which clutter the doormat every month and there it was vacant plots at Kelmscott.I went straight to Google Earth for a bit of space nosyness what a wonderful free tool it is . The next day it was off in the 4 wheeled shed ( honda Jazz ) it was heaven a week or so later i had a rather neglected plot about 24ft x24ft " 2 months later it was dug weeded and fruit frames were up and stock was ordered and my waist had dropped down to 36 iches and i now have a second plot on the other side of the path i feel a lot better still got diabetes but my sadness is gradually ebbing away the robins sing to me and i talk to them (Its a wonderful therapy ) And when no ones around i chat to my old buddy Mick . Last years harvest was shared with most of my neighbours in my street. Years ago i came up with a saying ( nothings achieved without a struggle ) Its my credo for life . This year God willing the fruit should come on stream 8 varieties of Strawbs 2 gosgogs, logans Tayberries ,jostaberries, funberries, blackberries, and rhubarb . My grandad who i lived with during my formative years instilled many qualities into my life one was gardening i am 71years young now and still grateful for his guidance . sorry about the length of this i never have liked the art of Precis . Waist now under 34 and 3 and a half stone lighter who needs the gym and diets .Gardening the worlds greatestfree gym .

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    Hi worm tickler and welcome to the Grapevine
    I've moved you to a thread of your own - as I think you deserve one after all your hard work on your plot.
    Gardening is great therapy and you can't beat the satisfaction of eating something you've grown yourself.
    Hope you have a good gardening year.
    Garden like a Chicken

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    East Yorkshire


    Hi worm tickler welcome to the vine! I’m sorry to hear about your struggles but glad that gardening helping sounds like your throwing yourself into it! I’m also partial to listening to the birds singing and I find gardenings an excellent de-stressor!
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    Hi Wormtickler! Welcome to the vine It sounds like you've done a fabulous job already on your plot. A few more posts and you'll be sharing pics of it too! We do love pics here.
    I honestly couldn't agree with you more - gardening is the greatest free gym, and the best therapist

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    burnie is online now Veggie gardener
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    Welcome wt, I used to go fishing on the river at Lechlade, nice part of the country.

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    Hello, worm tickler, and welcome. Really sorry to hear of all your troubles and the loss of your great friend. Very hard to deal with things like that. Glad you've managed to find a way through.

    Bet you're very popular with your neighbours. And I bet your doctor is impressed.

    Best wishes for 2019. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Note to self: Getting too old not to have a life.

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    You get one guess :)


    Hi Worm Tickler and welcome to the vine. Glad you are finding a way out of the darkness and onto the vine.

    Best wishes and happy growing for 2019
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    Morning WT, a big welcome to The Vine, it’s a lovely place to be, full of advice, giggles and life
    Good luck with your plot
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    Nannys make memories

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