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Thread: Hello from West Kent!

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    LittleSausage is offline Germinator
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    Aug 2016

    Default Hello from West Kent!


    31 year old mum to an almost 2 year old in West Kent, here. I've had my allotment since April 2015 and, after clearing half of it and planting it last year, my brother became terminally ill and I have neglected it for about a year. He died at the start of this year, and I've only just found the wherewithal to get back to my plot.

    She is currently knee high in weeds. I'm planning on burning everything at the beginning of autumn (a couple of allotment friends have offered to do it for me, and I will provide sustenance) and digging it all over before getting the local farmer to deliver some manure and covering it until next year. That's the aim, anyway.

    I have lots of lovely seeds and have a plan for next year, I just need to get it done. I have one day a week child free and, at the moment, one day on the weekends. It's not much but I'm hoping that next year The Child will be old enough that he can come with me without getting in to too much trouble.

    I look forward to learning a lot from all of you.

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    Hi Make one area a grassed area and a little play space and you will well away. It's great to see the plot a couple up from mine used as a garden as well as productive vegetable area.

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    Welcome along.. lots of fun and good advice to be had here.
    Sounds like you've had a tough time of it but hopefully you'll find the allotment gives you a lot of relaxation.
    Your plan sounds a good one - getting others to do the hard graft is a gret idea ;0
    I'd consider getting hold of cardboard and or weed suppresant and laying that ontop of the manure when it arrives. Anything you can do to slow down the weeds would be a good thing. It migh also be worth clearing one bed to grow some winter greens or overwintering onions. \i always like to grow a little over the winter - it encourages me to go to the plot from time to time. I think one day a week and one over the weekend should be enough... just be organised!

    Good luck.... oh and someone will be along in a minute to say 'take plenty of before and after photos and post the here... so I'll say t for them

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    Hello & Welcome

    Take some before, during & after pictures, we like pictures
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    Welcome to the vine

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    it's that village you drive through


    Hi and welcome to the vine

    2 year old - water, water - 2 year old, doesn't matter if it is a watering can, hose, muddy puddle it should keep them going for a good hour or more
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    Hello, welcome to the forum
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    Hello LittleSausage Welcome to the Vine ~ you've come to the right place for tons of advice & ideas ~ have a good read through ~ if you get chance with your little ankle-biter...!!!

    (Love your 'name', by the way...!!!)

    Oh yes, in case nobody mentions it ..... ((!!!)) ~ don't forget your 'before' & 'after' piccies - we love photos here......!!!

    Have fun!
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