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Thread: Basil plant - tips

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    Mali52 is offline Germinator
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    Jun 2018

    Default Basil plant - tips

    Basil is one of the most known herbs and one that I use most frequently in my kitchen. I love its smell but also taste. However, have you ever tried to grow it from a seed? I have got some tips for interested people!

    What soil should I use?
    - well-drained, nutrient-rich soil; ph level between 6.0 and 7.5.

    What about lightening?
    - should be placed in a sunny window, preferably facing south; at least 6 hours of sunlight a day

    How often should I water it?
    - daily or more often during hot or dry days; do not forget about drainage

    Have you got a basil in your home?

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    I grow basil every year from seed (about 10 varieties ).
    It doesn't get watered daily. Every other day and sparingly. It's very good at damping off if over watered.

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    nickdub is offline Early Fruiter
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    Jul 2017


    The other way round it is to buy a 90p pot of it growing from the supermarket, then divide that up in to a few plants per pot to grow on.
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    Runtpuppy is offline Sprouter
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    Apr 2018


    I bought a pot of seedlings and divided them up in individual pots and 3-4 per pot. I took the one that seemed the healthiest and that sits in its own pot on my south-facing windowsill. The rest have been put in various places around the tomatoes outside and in the blowaway. They are having a Hunger Games-style survival of the fittest thing going on.

    The one inside get watered when I can feel its leaves going limp. Then I give it a good long soak. I also keep pinching out the tips after two sets of leaves, trying to get it to bush up.

    As of now, it is the biggest and the bushiest of them all, including ones that are in the ground.

    So yeah, my top tips would be don't stress about watering them every day, and keep pinching out the tips as and when needed.

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    Babru is online now Rooter
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    Apr 2018
    Edinburgh seaside


    I find basil lasts no time on the kitchen windowsill before it dies, and here in Edinburgh it is usually too chilly for outside (not this week though, for once).

    A week or two ago I read elsewhere on this site that basil cuttings take well in water, so I thought 'aha!', and duly put some sprigs in water. Rooting up nicely now, hopefully suitable for some succession planting (and eating).

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    annie8 is online now Tuber
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    Apr 2018


    I had great success with basil last year - mainly in greenhouse but a few outside all from seed. This year have really struggling. Had dampening off issue, saved a few. They struggled in the greenhouse -maybe too hot, then tried them in coldframe and they didn’t seem much happier and got chewed by slugs. Have now put them outside in a bed, although I’m in Scotland. Greg haven’t died yet but not looking very happy. Try again next year I guess.

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    ESBkevin is offline Tuber
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    Jun 2015
    Mid Suffolk


    I agree with Nickdub, we get an aldi plant for the windowsil and use some and grow on some more. I think we replaced it once, but for instant leaf and ongoing harvest it seemed good value. We did try from seed once too, moderate success but more effort than an aldi pot ready to go.

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    farendwoman is offline Rooter
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    Oct 2009


    Iíve grown lots of different basils over the years with varying degrees of success.
    My favourite is the perennial (though frost tender) blue bush basil.
    It grows into a really big bush and is much firmer than the usual ďfloppyĒ basils.
    The flowers are pretty in a posy and they taste good too.
    Might be worth a try for you people in Scotland as itís much tougher than anything else Iíve tried.
    Basil plant - tips-93829ee3-5416-4c20-9676-f1ca6b04fbf8.jpg
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