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What kitchen spice seeds are viable?


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  • What kitchen spice seeds are viable?

    Fenugreek seeds from the (large) packet in the spice cupboard make a pleasant sprouting veg for stir fries. Coriander seeds don't seem to be all that interested in sprouting.

    I suspect that they aren't fresh enough to germinate, but I don't have room for a nutmeg tree in the greenhouse. I haven't yet tried green and black cardamoms, kalonji (nigella sativa), cumin or sesame seeds.

    Has anyone had any success sowing the contents of their spice racks?
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    Not directly from my spice rack, no. I'm guessing the seeds are too old, too dry or treated in some way to stop germination.

    Kalonji you might be able to grow just by leaving an onion to go to seed. Herb fennel might not be too difficult to grow if you have a damp patch. I have such a patch near our well and it grows like mad. And makes millions of seeds... Might do too well in the UK if you live in a wet area. I've just had a look online about growing cardamom. Should be possible, by the look of it, but you need to be very patient as it takes a few years to flower, apparently.

    I would love to be able to grow curry leaves, though. Next to impossible to find here except dry.


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