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Grape vine going into 2nd winter


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  • Grape vine going into 2nd winter

    Hi all!!

    I'm new to the website and was really looking for advice and direction for my two grape vines. They are technically 1 year old, but in their 2nd growing season and heading into their 2nd winter. I am trying to establish a 4-arm kniffin system. I have trained them up a stake and I have about 4 arms established on one vine and I'm currently training them to the wires. The 2nd vine has two arms on top and only one on the bottom. I'm worried the arms/cordons aren't long enough heading into the dormant season, so my question is.. Will they continue growing next spring? Or will they only sprout new growth once they've been pruned?
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      In my experience, vines don't tend to keep growing from the tip year to year. The bud at the very tip, and indeed often the tip-most couple inches of stem, often die over winter. This is because they were not mature enough to survive the cold
      However, this also doesn't actually matter. There's no reason each arm actually has to be one continuous branch. The stem will just start growing again in the spring from the nearest bud to the tip which is still alive, and you can just continue to train that new stem in horizontally to create your arm.


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