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    I have several of these which I use for growing tomatoes and chilli plants. I started off with one, quite a few years ago, and was so impressed that I gradually added more. They are expensive to start with, but they will last a very long time.

    I believe that the literature says that they will keep the plants going for a fortnight if the reservoirs is filled to the top. If the weather is hot, I don't think the water will last that long. I don't have the extra reservoir, so I can't comment on that.

    The only issue I had was last year, when the peat free compost didn't appear to be drawing up the water. It's something I'll need to look at this year.

    I'm attaching a photo from a few years ago. the older version had one long tank for 4 pots rather than 2 tanks, each for two pots.

    Click image for larger version

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      I don't have Quadgrows, but they clearly do a good job for you, jools. Lovely photo to see at this time of year, by the way.


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        Never thought about or seen this system but I prefer to use a watering timer system that is battery operated like this used together with the micro hose system connected to the mains to water my greenhouse. I've also used it down my allotments using a gravity fed system into a micro hose to deliver water during the summer when I can't get down to water, because of the programming you can do its a piece of cake and as it uses a PP3 battery it is not expensive as a battery lasts a whole year growing season.
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          I don't suppose anyone has the instructions for the holiday watering kit do they? I mean the one that goes with the two-tank version. The online version has gone now the Greenhouse Sensation site is no longer operating.


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            Rem another member has posted to say Greenhouse Sensation is now under new ownership :-


            Link to GS website for more info :-


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