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Raise an existing plastic shed


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  • Raise an existing plastic shed

    Our allotment floods. I have a 4x6 foot plastic shed on a plastic grid base but it is not high enough nd water is seeping in when it floods. Has anyone raused an existing shed before? Was thinking if placing concrete bocks under the shed but not sure how u would get them under the middle of the shed thanks

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    Were you planning to just put blocks under the corners? If you have enough to space them all round, then you could put two by fours across them as beams and stand the shed on those.
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      We raised a large wooden shed by placing old but solid fence posts in parallel lines and sitting the shed base on top. Like the beams under a house floor. Concrete posts would have been fine if we'd had any.
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        Thanks both the shed is already built ideally i would have place another layer of the plastic base i think i will try to slide a wooden frame underneath it. Happy new year


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