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  • Weed pile preference

    Interested in opinions on how people in windy areas pile their weeds up before dragging them away, such as :

    1.) au naturel, i.e. straight onto ground
    2.) on a sheet of such as plastic, wood, metal
    3.) in a bucket with or without a drainage hole
    4.) in a garden seive
    5.) in a portable incinerator
    6.) in a wheelbarrow
    7.) in a dug out hole, they are not dragged away
    9.) Always replant my wayward children individually
    9.) throw onto neighours plot who insists on playing loud music all day :-)
    Growing on north facing mid weight shallow topsoil, clay subsoil in Falmouth, Cornwall

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    Weeds without flower heads are used as a mulch around my shrubs to stop weeds,most things are chop & dropped onto my beds to return the nutrient to the soil,I’m in a fenced in garden although it doesn’t blow everywhere,rain settles it all. If it was covered,slugs would make homes underneath,protected from birds. Birds can get into my leaves for bugs as they’re not covered.
    Location : Essex


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      JJ you do well to be in a position to chop 'em up, mine are mostly the grass and oxalis variety and reckon can't easily be chopped enough to suppress them unless took them to the kitchen board.
      Growing on north facing mid weight shallow topsoil, clay subsoil in Falmouth, Cornwall


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        Some I chop up and leave in situ minus their roots ( just in case!), the rest are collected in a bucket and tipped into a wheelbarrow until it’s full- then it’s piled up at the bottom of our field.
        "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

        Location....Normandy France


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          I am selective in what I do with weeds.
          Tap root weeds and anything else that can re-grow from creeping roots is dried to a crisp and exposed to frost for as long as it takes. These are eventually mixed with manure and sent to the bottom of the bean trench.
          Annual weeds are just pulled and laid between rows of plants.
          Low growing things like ground ivy are left as cover to stop other taller weeds from setting seed.
          Near Worksop on heavy clay soil


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            The roots of anything which might regrow, like bindweed, horsetail, couch grass, dandelions, nettles, or dock, go in a barrel of water for a few months to be drowned. I work on a two barrel system, so once one is full I leave it for a few months to make sure they are nice and dead, then empty the dead weeds onto the compost bin.
            Anything else dug out from permanent beds gets put straight on the compost (torn or cut up a bit first in the case of large weeds like large ragworts or tussocks of grass).
            Anything else from the veg beds gets chopped up with the spade and dug straight into the ground in the spring (including the above ground portions of pernicious weeds). Summer weeding from the veg beds goes straight on the compost, as with weeds from the permanent beds.


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              lol @ the last two options Zjho

              Our weeds go straight into the dalek bins.

              I've not thrown weeds over the fence but confess to previously assisting the occasional slug/snail onto the untended plot behind (& giggling when I saw the plotter to their left doing the same thing) but I haven't done it this year as they've been having a go at working it (albeit infrequently)
              Location: SE Wales about 1250ft up


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