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    Default What size pots for Clematis & Morning Glory?

    I will be putting these on the side of the house climbing up the wall on plastic mesh and because I am putting down some decking (I hope) I would like to know what size pots to use and how many I can put in one pot.
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    It might depend on the size of the rootball of the clematis (and how vigorous the variety) - if it's already in a pot, then one a bit bigger so it has room to grow but not so huge that a lot of the compost is unused during the growing season. Then a slightly bigger pot the following year, etc. I'd probably put 2 or 3 smallish plants in something the size of a half-barrel. Not sure about morning glory... my seedlings died last year *sobs*

    That's just to give you something to read til someone more experienced comes along with the proper answers

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    the thing about Clematis is it likes cool roots and its face in the sun. So a good size pot - if it looks sparse then fill up the gaps with bedding eg pansies. Top with gravel to keep the Clem's roots cool.
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