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    Default Seeds To Sow Now......?

    Can you suggest any seeds that I can sow now, either to flower this winter or for next year?

    I am going to try some limnanthes (Poached Egg) and nigella.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Did you want flowers or veggies? I just picked up a batch of lambs lettuce seeds to sow by the end of October (it says on the packet). And I'm going to try some radish under cloches and lettuce winter density ditto. I am further south though. Sorry - just noticed the forum - how about candytuft?
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    Other annual flowers you could sow now are

    Antirrhinum - long lasting cut flower & some great colours available but get tall varieties

    Larkspur - good cut flower and can also be dried

    Sweetpeas - if you have a cold frame or cold greenhouse to overwinter

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    I've just sown cornflower and california poppies, direct. They won't flower until June though.
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