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    Default Cut flower advice needed

    has anyone got any good tips on plants I can grow to add a bit of greenery to my home-grown flowers?

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    Hi Jeanine

    Fern fronds look good - not sure how they'd do in water though or some of the ornamental cow parsleys.

    If you don't mine having the flowers as well how about Euphorbia's ( take care with the sap though - it'll cause blisters if it gets on your skin) they have nice acid green leaves and foaming flowers or some thing like Eryingium 'Miss Wilmots Ghost'.

    Or for a real feather light foliage how about carrot tops
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    I grow Phalaris to add to bouquets - plant it like mint, though, in a bucket - it's very rampant. http://www.intrinsicperennialgardens...%20Feeseys.jpg
    Bronze fennel is quite nice too, but I hate the smell (aniseed). Camellia leaves last a long time in water, and sometimes I chuck in some sage as foliage.
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