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Thread: Greengages?

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    Default Greengages?

    Hi folks....
    I fancy a greengage tree...its a bit of an open site but not a frost pocket. What type should I go for?
    Also would like a pear and a quince. again what type?
    some Hazel nuts.... for twigs and the nuts.... types?
    Please, any tips and varieties would be of great use.

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    Default Fruit

    I am thinking you are talking of a plum. Here in the states i have learned some trees are more apt to get diseases than others. I would chose a tree that is resisitant if possible. I like an mini almond tree, they look good and. produce well. Barlett and kiefer pears are the most popular.

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    Greengages are early flowerers, we often get no fruit on ours as it is destroyed by icy blasts in early spring. No idea of varieites, but Ken Muirs site is good for advice as is Brogdale. (Google both).
    Quince is easy as there are only 2 or 3 varieites available. Vranja is the one normally sold, but it is prone to suckering. We have one called Queeches Prolific (or sommat like that). Self fertile too!
    Pears again flower early in the year and you definitely do need two varieties flowering at the same time. Watch out for the late spring fosts. Brogdale has lots of info on pears. Bartlett are too tender for most of Britain I think.

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    I have a Cambridge Greengage - if you are patient, allow it to get its roots down from the third year you will get a good crop in August. Mine is South facing, so it gets all the weather but stands up to it great - is prone to attack from aphids but the birds feed on them. A top tip for you is when the flowers appear is to get a soft paint brush and self pollinate, you get a better crop then.
    Best wishes
    Harbinger of Rhubarb tales

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