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Thread: Top Tips

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    Default Top Tips

    This thread is everyone's top tips for growing veg or fruit.

    We ran the thread in Vegging Out, for about 6 weeks, to give everyone a chance to post their One Top Tip that they wanted to share with other Grapes and anyone else out there interested in growing your own.

    This is the result

    Mine is:

    If you grow too much of one crop, such as lettuce, dig some up, and replant. They will flop down for a few days, and then start growing - albeit at a slower pace for a while. This lets you enjoy the lettuce for longer.
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    If you are growing plants such as aubergine or chillis then support your plants with canes when they get to around 2 foot high. If you use 3 canes inserted around the edge of the pot you can tie them together at the top to form a cage around the plants.
    Cheers Chris

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    Grow lettuce and oriental greens in a tight row. As well as your more spaced out full sized lettuces for tight hearts, I grow salad stuff in short tight lines and as they grow I gradually thin out and eat the thinnings, the remaining plants continue to slowly grow. At the end you should be left with very slowly grown full sized plants.
    Which means you don't have to remember to sow salad leaves every two weeks etc.
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    Always place a cane at the start of pumpkin plants and trailing squash when you plant then out. It makes it easier to find the start of the plant for watering later on when they are are fully grown.

    It is also useful if you place a piece of pipe in to the ground next to the plants, so that you can water straight down the pipe to the roots.
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    If you have shallow or stony soil and want to grow carrots, seive soil into a deep container then sow carrot seed at final spacings. You will get lovely long straight carrots. This is also a good way to sow carrots in July and move them indoors when the weather gets bad so you can enjoy fresh carrots with Christmas dinner. Be warned, if you are doing that, do plenty
    Happy Gardening,

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    My tip is similar to Zazens but involves leeks! Last year I sowed maybe 50 leek seeds of two varieties in 8 inch pots.
    I planted out about half of them into there final positions in May. I planted out the rest where I had dug up my spuds 3 months later. I was eating good sized leeks in succession whilst at the same time planting the other half of the leeks.
    The other half are now coming into there own and I have started harvesting.

    So I've had two crops from one sowing of leeks!

    I will deffinately do the same again this year but may transpalnt the second batch 1 inch apart in a nursery bed so that by the time I am ready to transplant them to there final positions they will have reached the obligatory pencil thickness!
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    accrington, lancashire


    my tip is when you buy grow bags dont plant into them but empty them into large pots. this way you can be sure they are watered and fed correctly. the plants that is
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    SarzWix is offline Gardening Gnomette
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    Label, label, label, label!!!
    Brassica plants all look the same as seedlings, so do onions and spring onions, bush & cordon tomatoes, pepper plants & chillis....
    It's a tedious job, but it will save confusion and possible disappointment later if you put labels on right from the start
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