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  1. patchy brown bits on new lawn
  2. Old decking (presumably treated) for raised beds
  3. Seed Storage Ideas
  4. Making a fence hostile to being climbed over.
  5. And yet again another "Cunning Plan".......
  6. Putting power in the polytunnel?
  7. Water butt level indicator
  8. Drilling a teacup
  9. Plastic pots.
  10. Re-roofing a summer house/shed
  11. Using cageless IBC for water
  12. What to make/do with bamboo on the allotment
  13. Greenhouse identification?!?!
  14. Concrete reinforcement mesh
  15. Protecting planter wood
  16. Greenhouse
  17. Wood chip sock
  18. What can I do with a greenhouse metal base?
  19. One layer high breeze blocks to raise height of tunnel question.
  20. 4ft x 6ft Winchester Wooden Apex Shed 245.00 .. Any Good ??
  21. Seaweed as a mulch question.
  22. 'Fixing' a lawn in 2 months!
  23. Fruit cage damaged in the snow... how to fix?
  24. Strata storage trunks as veg planters?
  25. Raised bed (breeze blocks)
  26. What do you use your shed for.
  27. Free Garden Planning Software
  28. Fixing plastic water butt / home brew bucket
  29. Recycle, upcycle - ideas please :)
  30. Looking after your secateurs
  31. Repair propagator Cover
  32. DIY heated cold frame
  33. Soil Blocker
  34. Preservative for shed base (underside)???
  35. A Better Future ?
  36. What's causing light patches on lawn?
  37. Self Propelled Mower Stopped picking up grass.
  38. Clump of Nine Onion set spacer rethink
  39. Anyone use 'leaky hose' ??
  40. Shed
  41. DIY mini polytunnel
  42. Restoring a teak bench
  43. Building a pergola
  44. Building a new composter under a tree
  45. Recommendations for buying topsoil?
  46. Whats this tool called please :)
  47. What keeps squashing my dome ?
  48. Lidl Electric Jam Maker (Canning Boiler - Tea Urn)
  49. A possible use for Car tyre as "Soil warmer"
  50. What size tap?
  51. Fine Soil Sieve
  52. Niwaki weeding hoe
  53. Soil
  54. Paint sprayer to paint fence?
  55. Mattock or Pickaxe?
  56. Water Butt - Anyone know of "teat dip"?
  57. Is black garden fabric any good
  58. My new baby!
  59. Growing in small spaces - New planter
  60. Squash Stations 2018, my first Patty Pan.
  61. DIY Bean frames - Do's & Don'ts
  62. Half Heras Panel full planting bed cloche design
  63. replacing a tool handle
  64. Two leaking water butts
  65. Guttering for Water Butt
  66. Ballcock in waterbutt??
  67. Pallet Wood - Weather proofing
  68. Lean to over raised bed
  69. Railway oak sleepers?
  70. Recycled wood turned into a stub legged, cup, book and phone holder
  71. beer traps for slug.
  72. Modified standard garden trowel - "snub nosed trowel"
  73. LED grow light solution
  74. Green pond water and forever duck weed
  75. TARDIS Shed
  76. Securing greenhouse plastic
  77. Pallet wood Hydro-driver for 2018 season
  78. Rotavator V Mantis (or whatever) Tiller
  79. Greenhouse frame ideas
  80. Greenhouse- General Question
  81. Rigging up a burried water butt to a hand pump = where to start?
  82. planting and potting .
  83. My new potting area (progress thread)
  84. greenhouse glass replacement
  85. Decks NG stain recommendation
  86. IBC Water Catchment & Storage Setup Complete
  87. IBC's as water butts
  88. green poly tunnels
  89. Bog gardens!
  90. Fixing a Quagmire
  91. thermostatic control and STC 1000
  92. Soft drink aluminium cans can be useful.
  93. Sunflowers as a structural item on the plot, more than just pretty flowers ?
  94. Terracing with scaffold planks.
  95. Allotment Frame Advice
  96. Introducing the g.easel or g.adder for 2018, its a 4 in 1 solution
  97. Puddles on the top of a polytunnel
  98. Shed plans
  99. DIY Berry picker
  100. DIY hydroponic
  101. potting shed
  102. Building a growhouse
  103. Recycling water/grey water
  104. Plants for strengthening banking.
  105. Any idea how to move a shed?
  106. Understanding compost basics and why it went wrong for me
  107. Garden Design Software with shadows
  108. swollen shed doors help required please!
  109. Laying turf and weed fabric
  110. Drip irrigation over quite a large area...
  111. Chain Advice needed please.
  112. New gardener in a wheelchair
  113. How to Deadhead Petunias?
  114. Self supporting Bean stand using section of Heras panel.
  115. Covering a fruit cage
  116. Cage/basket to cover seelings
  117. Large netted area
  118. Flexible garden hoops for netting
  119. French Bean - Space Aerial design
  120. Hedge cuttings on gravel borders
  121. DIY Slug Bell
  122. DIY Autonomous Lean-to Polytunnel
  123. Vertical bottle garden
  124. Sharpening shears
  125. Protecting Fruit Trees
  126. Artificial grass
  127. Green screening ideas/advice please
  128. Vegetable Apple crate
  129. Phostrogen lawn dosage?
  130. Look what I'm building
  131. Starting Patio
  132. Levelling a concrete greenhouse base.
  133. Perspex/acrylic/old signage
  134. What would you do with an IBC?..
  135. Clearing mother's terrible weedy garden
  136. Victorian rope edging - difficult to install? Recommended?
  137. Extractor fan for GH?
  138. Best wood paint/preservative?
  139. Stopping garden arch going rusty at base
  140. What sleepers?
  141. Ivy deterrence tactics please!
  142. DIY grow light
  143. Best way to cut oil drum in half?
  144. Temperature control for the fruit trees!
  145. Ball cock self filling reservoir
  146. Gaps between Patio and Greenhouse base solutions?
  147. DIY irrigation from hosepipe
  148. How to fix a shed?
  149. I'm after some staging, any ideas?
  150. I've got a stinky butt!
  151. Recycled bell cloche from industrial acrylic lamp shades !
  152. Sustainable Fires
  153. How tall should i make my cold frames
  154. Rabbit proof brassica bed
  155. Not sure where to put this!!
  156. Always wanted a chainsaw...............
  157. Sterilising soil
  158. Connected Water Butts Overflowing
  159. Copper wire
  160. Wire frame supports
  161. Slatted Bench renovation advice.
  162. Growing lights
  163. Air Ventilation
  164. hotbins, advice please :)
  165. 3 Prong Long Handle Cultivator
  166. Improving the soil
  167. Outdoor taps!
  168. Useful Gardening Tools
  169. Structure for raspberries/grapes
  170. Awesome Ideas Of 2017!
  171. Enter the 'VINE, SHED OF THE YEAR 2017 'Competition here
  172. Heath Robinson Construct of the Year ?
  173. Shed of the year?
  174. How to lay a paved path
  175. Border Edging using Wood Chip filled plastic sleeving mesh
  176. Making wooden planters using deck boards
  177. pressure treated timber - worth painting with preservative?
  178. Cobbles
  179. Rain Water Diverter
  180. Land-drain depth
  181. Twig Trellis
  182. I finally have a greenhouse! now what... building
  183. Leylandi Tree Chopped Down ......
  184. Lawn edging advice
  185. Where to buy railway sleepers?
  186. Sjef - Dutch Ideas man to help with growing plants.
  187. Looking for easier ways to attach plastic mesh, how do you do it?
  188. Waterproofing shed - will caulk do?
  189. Repurposing cold water tank
  190. Installing wooden staked lawn edging
  191. Lawnmower recommendations
  192. Inspiration Required!
  193. Is there any way to re-purpose these glass doors?
  194. Brick veg patches/retaining walls - does the inside face of bricks need protection?
  195. First allotment
  196. Need ideas for my garden
  197. Just finished this, feeling quite smug
  198. How to shift three 1 tonne bags of pea shingle 20m across grass?
  199. Aquarolls
  200. Advice on laying stone path
  201. Want to see what I made? What can I put in it?
  202. Fallen Arches
  203. Drip Irrigation Question
  204. Anyone seen dark brown plastic plant pots?
  205. 60" metal window trough, where could I get one??
  206. Pegs for netting
  207. Linking water butts at great distances
  208. Help with greenhouse growing ( new to this veg growing )
  209. Roofing felt attachment
  210. Who actually has a Norfolk Space Saver Green House?
  211. Wickes Deck Boards Now BOGOF - Raised Beds Anyone?
  212. Got my grow lights up but got a question.
  213. Handiwork???
  214. Where can I get 'holey' blocks like these?
  215. Dont know where to start?
  216. Good solar fairy lights that won't die
  217. Bramble slasher or other tool for getting rid of brambles
  218. Nice brown wood preserver
  219. Sleeper Flower Bed Construction Advice
  220. Securing log roll lawn edge
  221. Building a raspberry cage, how deep should it be?
  222. Broken pot repaired with glue gun
  223. Greenhouse help !!!!!!
  224. You start one job and make at least 5 more
  225. The button on top of a water but, whats it for?
  226. Anyone know of any big pots going cheap?
  227. How do I sew jute?
  228. the unexpected silver lining in a fat grey cloud
  229. Keeping nails/ hands looking decent
  230. Will bamboo slat screening rot quickly if the bottom is in earth?
  231. Need something to hold a big hanging basket, any ideas?
  232. Moving corner brace of fence
  233. Help with raised beds and small space
  234. butterfly net
  235. How do I get more rain in my barrel?
  236. terracotta pot repair, is it worth it?
  237. Gooseberries
  238. Spud Bucket
  239. French drains - can i use woodchip instead of gravel?
  240. Solar Panels. What would you use them for?
  241. Wide garden arches, where to buy?
  242. Plastic trug repair
  243. Growing In Drain Pipe & Gutters Question. :)
  244. Min and max thermometer.....question?
  245. Wacky shed
  246. Lawn quotes?
  247. Mirrors in the garden, anyone got any?
  248. Today I started on the pond area...
  249. old prefabricated concrete wall panels
  250. Pruning Saw
  251. Good Power drill to use at allotment, suggetions please
  252. Fencing
  253. 25l bottle ideas please
  254. Slippery path - any tips?
  255. BEST budget shed
  256. Heras fencing / site fencing / security fencing - how to get get some?
  257. help help help
  258. Shredder/chipper any recommendations
  259. Electrical wire for outside?
  260. Pond Idea
  261. Wet shed - but how?
  262. What projects do you have on this year?
  263. plastic lining wooden compost bin?
  264. Replacement polycarbonate sheets for lean to greenhouse
  265. Water Butt useless/interesting info
  266. Leaves at bottom of pond
  267. I am about to swear at you so.......here I go,,,,,
  268. Seep Hose?
  269. Twin Chamber Tumbling Composter
  270. Killing tree stumps - Glyphosate or Sodium Chlorate?
  271. Storm proof greenhouse
  272. Render advice please
  273. collapsing patio
  274. Bright Yellow Pipe Insulation
  275. Tips on dismantling a shed that's been nailed together?
  276. Wooden shed with concrete base
  277. Using a old council bin as a compost bin or wormery?
  278. Has anyone made a lawn striper?
  279. Using barbed or razor wire on private land, any advice?
  280. DIY rough cut mower
  281. Cleaning a lawn mower questions :)
  282. New containers
  283. Leaf Vacuum/mulcher
  284. Cleaning wood preserver off glass
  285. Raised Strawberries
  286. Vertices growing arch
  287. Designing the garden for next year, need some help with plants for a wall.
  288. Net Curtain
  289. Starling's harebrained stonewall raised bed from old bathtubs and spalls idea thread
  290. Need some advice on a big over grown garden
  291. Espalier fruit trellis, how to support the posts without concreting them in
  292. How to secure/fit poly pipe over raised bed for shadetunnel
  293. Rotary Washing Line
  294. Water Pipe connectors
  295. New way of constructing veggie beds, more efficient watering, increased yields !
  296. Ride on mower for 1.6 acre paddock - any recommendations?
  297. Polytunnel help
  298. DIY shed build.
  299. Washing Pole ideas please
  300. Cold frame construction