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    rauni is offline Seedling
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    Nov 2005

    Default when are my christmas spuds ready to dig?

    I moved house in July this year, too late for a normal crop of spuds, so I thought I'd try the arrested development variety (kept in cold storage). I planted them in August, and they came up alright, but they're looking a bit bedraggled now. How do I know when they're ready? Should I just dig some and see? There aren't many, so I don't want to waste any! Also, slugs are dreadful in North Wales, so I don't want to just feed the little slime-slicks.

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    The only sure way is to lift a plant and see....if i had to guess i would say give them another 4 weeks. If you are carefull you may be able to remove some of the soil from the sides to get a peek!

    I am guessing you planted them out into open soil......i put mine into a bin bag with some compost and as they grow fill the bag higher with compost. (You can buy special potato 'bags' but difference is minimal) It also helps if you have a greenhouse or cold frame to put them in as the potato stalks or haulms do not like frost.

    I know somebody who plants them in a tyre placed flat on the ground, as the plants grow he adds compost and another on and so on.

    I hope you get some for Christmas day!

    Te audire non possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure

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    rauni is offline Seedling
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    Nov 2005


    I have got spuds! They're small, but perfectly formed. Looking forward to next year.....

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    WiZeR is offline Tuber
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    Oct 2005
    NW Kent


    good news rauni, what a lovely xmas treat

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