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Thread: Weed killer

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    Default Weed killer

    I too have just taken on a "new" allotment, though it was last cultivated about 8 years so not starting from scratch. I have dug throughout and manured two thirds. Currently waiting for Spring to kill off the weeds (mostly couch grass and bramble). I was thinking of applying Round Up but wondered whether any of you wise people could suggest anything better. Also, if I applied it say late March, how long should I wait for it to do its evil work before I start planting/sowing?

    Many thanks

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    Hi SD,

    Youre supposed to be able to sow straight away as it breaks down in contact with the soil (well thats what the makers claim).

    I would leave it a bit longer myself, but all you need to do is keep forking it over and et the worst of the Couch grass & Brambles out and then hoe of the annual weeds that you'll get.

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    Joy Larkcom recommends after clearing the ground cover on a new plot and digging over, letting the first weed seed grow for a week or two then taking a hoe to the ground the day you sow your vegetable seeds.
    This way you have caught the weeds easily and in one quick application of the hoe. The vegetable seed then has an open window of opportunity to grow and establish with out any competition from weeds.

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    Roundup (glyphosate) is a handy way of dealing with perennials like couch grass and bindweed, but I might be tempted to get out there with a spade and turn the couchgrass in this weekend if I were you, it'll mostly rot in and you can weed out what comes back. Leave the glyphosate for when there's likely to be dry weather, there's no point having it rained off the leaves of the plant before it soaks in.

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    Default Black plastic

    I suggest that you get down to the garden centre a week after weed killing and buy black plastic, it will keep the weeds down on parts of the plot you won't use BUT you can also plant potatoes, courgettes and pumpkins through it.


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