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    Default leafmould and pine needles

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of making leafmould with leaves and pine needles all mixed together? I've got a few trees in my garden and I'd love to make some leafmould. But some of them are pine trees, and it would be impossible to separate the pine needles from the leaves. Does anyone know if the needles compost as quick as the leaves?


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    Default leafmould

    Hi Acorn,

    Pine needles will compost but slowly, possibly taking two or three years. If composted on their own it will produce an acidic medium so be aware of this, depending on what proportion of needles v leaves you compost.

    In practice if you just want to add the leafmould to the soil and not use it for, say, potting compost then just bag up your mix and leave it for 18 months. After this time it will be there or thereabouts and should be fine to use.

    Bear in mind that the final leafmould is about 10% of the volume of leaves you start with. (My own guesstimate!)

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