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Five of the best summer essentials

By Rose C
10th August 2020

We are a nation of garden lovers, which means our gardens deserve some TLC from time to time. However, sometimes working out what gear, gadgets and accessories to purchase can be confusing and at times, overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be, and your garden will benefit from just a small selection of essentials. We’ve therefore compiled a list of the top five things to keep your garden ticking over this summer:

1. Cages and garden netting

Fruit cages and netting are especially important in the summer when pests are more rampant and harvest time is just around the corner. After all, there’s nothing more infuriating than spending months and months tending to plants, just for them to be eaten up by birds, slugs and snails! There are a few things to bear in mind before using cages and netting, for example making sure the netting does not have holes larger than 1cm, and is pulled taught so nothing can get caught in it. There are lots of good cages and netting available on the market. For example, William James & Company’s bestselling and easy to assemble walk-in and low cages are a great way of stopping pests from eating all of your precious plants. These are available in aluminium or steel and in a wide range of sizes. All of their netting is rot-proof, long-lasting and UV stabilised. Fancy a bargain? You can order online and receive 10 per cent off the range by quoting BIGYORD at time of purchase.For the complete range, visit

2. Self-contained raised garden beds

A self-contained raised garden bed can help to protect your vegetables from the intense summer sun. This is because most of these self-contained raised bed designs are self-watering and have heat-reflecting covers that keep off the sun, so fruits and veggies can keep cool inside, regardless of the temperature on the outside. Vegepod keeps your veggies and herbs hydrated for weeks at a time so is guaranteed to keep your vegetable patch thriving this summer. Through the carefully designed wicking bed system, the Vegepod recycles the essential nutrients in your compost by capturing excess water in the reservoirs below, ensuring your plants are continually hydrated when they need it. The in-built irrigation system with misters allows for timer watering, meaning you’ll have the added piece of mind that your plants will be in tip top shape if you spend time away from your garden. Save time, effort and water and keep your veggies thriving this summer. To order yours, visit or call 0800 978 8656

3. Plant food

To keep veggies, fruits and herbs thriving, treat them to a dose of organic plant food - just when the heat might be zapping their energy! The best fertiliser to use is one without chemicals so it’s safe for children, pets and wildlife. Gardeners are now spoilt for choice in regards to plant food, with vegan products also available. PlantGrow soil conditioning, natural fertiliser, will help your plants throughout the summer months. Add handfuls around all of your plants for instant benefits. It will keep the moisture inside brilliantly whilst providing nutrients at the same time. Any larger areas can be mulched with their natural fertiliser and it is guaranteed to be a success! It’s also organic and vegan. PlantGrow is available in 10L tubs or bulk bags at

4. All-round garden gear

A one-stop shop is no doubt a garden essential. You will be thankful for an online garden shop filled with everything your summer garden needs, a click of a button away. Seeds, plants, tools, fertiliser, sheds, greenhouses - there’s so much that can be ordered online from the safety of your home. Gardening Naturally provide organic and natural garden products which enable you to grow fruit and vegetables free from insect damage. Garden Netting, garden hoops, fruit and vegetable cages, pest control products including nematodes to name just a few. They have a free mail order catalogue. To order, visit the website or call 01285 760505

5. Bay trees

We think a statement tree - or pair of trees - is a summer essential. After all, what screams summer more than a pair of dwarf orange, lemon or other trees, on the doorstep, ready to welcome you home! A pair of these fantastic bay trees are excellent for flanking a set of steps, doorway or path while giving you the chance to add extra flavour to any meals you are cooking, such as delicious summmer salads. Arriving ready to display they would also make a stunning, unusual, and definitely unexpected gift - ready for the lucky recipient to simply position and enjoy in planters of their choice. Get yours from here.

This is a promotional blog post provided by William James & Co, Vegepod, PlantGrow, Gardening Express and Gardening Naturally

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