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Growing advice from social media star Ingrid grows and eats!

30th July 2020

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Catch-up on our social media takeoever with Ingrid (aka Ingrid grows and eats) here!

On Tuesday 28th July, we handed our social media accounts over to Ingrid grows and eats - one of social media’s fastest rising stars! Ingrid, who grows an abundance of veggies, fruits and flowers in her wonderful patio garden, shared lots of ideas for making the most out of small spaces as well as her go-to crops! You can find out what Ingrid recommends for small space growing, as well as her favourite veggies and flowers, below, or check out Grow Your Own‘s Instagram account!

Vertical growing

I’m so excited to be taking over this page today and I hope to bring you lots of ideas on how to grow a lot of veg in a small space.

Firstly, grow vertically. When space is tight make sure you utilise all the area by growing climbing vegetables such as beans and peas. Also use your wall space! Here are some of the herbs I’m growing on my pallet wall garden which takes up zero floor space and it was free!

Pak choi

If I had to choose my favourite vegetable to grow, it has got to be pak choi (also called bok choi). It grows very well in containers, where you can really cramp them in tightly and slowly thin out. They are super fast growing, super healthy and gorgeous to look at too!

On top of all of that they can be eaten raw in salads or they can be fried up as part of a delicious stir fry.

Fill the vegetable patch with flowers

Even in a small space be sure to fill your vegetable patch with flowers. Not only will it make your patch look beautiful, it will also attract the all important bees to help with pollination.

These are some of my favourite flowers in my garden and most are found from just two containers, so don’t be afraid to mix and match to create a beautiful and useful pollination area!

Indoor growing

Bring your plants indoors! If space outside is running out then use your space inside. Many plants prefer to be grown in greenhouses, such as peppers, aubergines and chillies. So why not grow them in your home?

Not only will they give you beautiful house plants, they will also thrive in the warmth of your home. Here is my chilli window sill, which I absolutely love!

Peas, beans and toms!

When space is limited, the best fruit and vegetables to grow are high yielding ones such as peas, beans and tomatoes.

This way you will be able to enjoy multiple harvests from just one or two plants!

And, that’s it folks! The biggest thank you to Ingrid for such inspiring photos and small-space growing ideas. If you want to see more, give her a follow @Ingrid_grows_and_eats

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