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    Default Parsnips in Buckets and tubs

    Last year I grew Parsnips in buckets and barrells and although the tops were c3" in diameter the lenghth was only two inches, what should I do to get long roots?

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    I have tried this also, the tap root i so long that they don't seem to do well in normal tubs.

    I am thinking of trying some drainpipes tied together to see if the extra length may help.
    Keep you posted

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    Did you use ordinary garden soil, or potting compost. If you use ordinary soil it can compact and stop the root getting right down into the pot. Also, the pots need to be as deep as possible. Maybe the "bottomless" ring culture pots used for tomatoes might be an idea. Good drainage is essential, so that the tap root goes down looking for moisture.

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