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Thread: sowing seeds

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    Default sowing seeds

    i know its a bit early yet for sowing just want to be ready for next year ,,,whats the best way of looking after them once they are sowed ,,,last year we lost a lot through over watering

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    I might be stating the obvious but don't over water them, if your compost is dry, water it, if it's too wet don't, i have a small attachment i put on a 2 ltr pop bottle, its a very fine spray, that way the weight of the water dosn't bend your seedlings, you should also keep them warm, but not too hot, plenty of natural light, mist them once in a while, and pot them on before they get too leggy.. good luck.

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    Default sowing seeds

    It depends what you are sowing as to the time to sow. Check the back of the packet (If they are not saved seeds). As an example, broad beans are often sown in Oct/Nov/Dec. It is supposed to prevent black fly, but it doesn't work. However, I did get a good "early" crop of BB's. Other more experienced grapes will probably be able to supply more info.
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