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    Little Lottie is offline Seedling
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    Jun 2008

    Default Onion seed v sets


    This year I have grown some onions from sets which are drying nicely in my shed. I am wondering how easy it is to grow them from seed next year instead and how successful they might be.

    any advice would be much appreciated


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    MaureenHall's Avatar
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    Mar 2008


    I've heard that it's more difficult to grow them from seed, but I really really want to have a go!! So that's my big project for next year I think. I'll do some sets as well though - just in case
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    Little Lottie is offline Seedling
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    Jun 2008


    I guessed as much, I suppose my reasoning for wanting to grow from seed stems from growing other veg from seed and getting so much from a packet. you just dont get the same satisfaction from sets.

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    burnie is online now Veggie gardener
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    Jul 2006


    I grow from sets for keeping for the kitchen for cooking and the large "spanish" from seed for the summer coleslaw.Intend to try some shallots as well next year.
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    You can grow onions from seed Little Lottie but they are much easier from sets. My late father in law (a good gardener) always said if you can get a good crop of onions from seed you'll know you are a real gardener. But go on, give it a go. Good luck.

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    This year I have went half and half! I have spring planted Sturon sets for storing and sets of a large white onion (who's name I can't remember!) I have red Hungarian ham onions grown from seed, my favourite(cos red onion sets always seem to bolt for me!)

    I also have normal ham onions and Kelsae big lads grown from seed!

    I always grow Senshui Japanese onions from sets in autumn as I tried these from seed and the sets were much better.
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    zazen999 is offline Funky Cold Ribena
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    Jun 2007


    I found the sets bolted whereas the seeds didn't. Also the sets were more prone to get white rot.

    The things you have to be prepared for with growing from seed are; a long long wait; losing some at the seedling stage if the seedlings get too hot/cold/wet/dry. I now sow insitu alongside carrots and they grow nicely together - the carrots are usually eaten before the onions are ready and so the onions have the space to grow on once the carrots are out.

    They are rarely affected by slugs; from my personal experience, and if you do sow in a seedling tray can be quite difficult to get them to take without burying them too deep.

    If you do want to sow and transplant, I have found the best way is use small pots and put a pinch of seed in each. One they are a few inches high and the roots are showing at the bottom, plant the whole lot in the pot together, at the same level as the soil in the pot. Then the onions will stand nicely upright and grow on alot quicker than pricking them out. Then wait.

    I succession sow onions all year round [during the winter months, they are sown into pots and put out of the cold, ready to go in the ground in the early spring]. The rest of the year I sow insitu. I also use several different types, as they grow at different speeds.

    I pick my onions as i need them and only harvest a load at once when I need the room. If they aren't at the total dry stage and suitable for storing, then I'll chop and freeze them all.

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    Little Lottie is offline Seedling
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    Jun 2008


    Thanks everyone,

    I am going to give it a go (i will probably plant a few sets too just in case)

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