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    Default Apples and pears book(s) with pictures?

    I live near a beautiful public orchard, full of traditional/heritage varieties of apples and pears. Some of the trees have labels but some don't. What I'd really like is a book (or a book on apples and a book on pears) that not only has info on types but also has really good pictures, so I can take it with me and try and identify at least some of the varieties. I've looked at Amazon and there are a couple of 'maybes' but I'm reluctant to splash out without a bit more info!
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    I have some of my grandad's gardening books. One set is a three volume 'Fruit Grower's Guide'. They are 110 years old. The illustrations are prints of watercolours, which are very detailed, and would give a very good guide, particularly as you say they are heritage varieties.

    What I'm trying to say is that you should probably try second-hand bookshops, perhaps there are still some of these books (other than mine) around.


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