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    Default Organic sales 11% down!

    Article from BBC!

    BBC NEWS | Business | What are you giving up in the downturn?

    Even though organic sales are down 11%, good news for Sewer Rat is that box sales are up!
    Note to myself..........*Must make sure my allotment 'box' is full at all times of the year this season*
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    And allotment lists and growing at home have gone up!!!

    I love it when they compare in a silo...

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    From the comments on there, it seems that people are now realising just what a waste of money ready-meals are. I couldn't understand the comment made by one person though when they said:
    " All in all I actually think we are living a healthier lifestyle during these difficult economic times, as there is less processed, fast food on our plates and more (although blander) fruit and veg."
    Fresh fruit and veg bland?
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    She needs spicing up - bland fruit and veg????

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    Yaaaay ! Box sales are still growing!
    I must admit that I have seen a drop off in boxes over the last three months - not lost customers but more customers dropping from weekly to fortnightly deliveries. However, the most common reasons my customers (and others) give for this, is that there is a limited number of veg available fresh at this time of year - they get their tatties, carrots and onions each week but then it really is a struggle to put 4 other seasonal veg in each week and still try and provide some variations. People soon get fed up of kale, cabbages (an additional problem with these this season is that they are so big they last for ages), parsnips and swedes.
    Whilst they also get leeks ( as they become ready) and JA''s (as and when the ground allows me to lift them), Chard and Perpetual Spinach ( both of these treated as CCA crops but are slow to regrow after cutting at this time of year.
    I do anticipate an upturn in the next 6 - 8 weeks when the early salad crops and the PSB come on line, but it's just the Hungry Gap time of year. Roll on Spring !

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