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    Matt84 is offline Germinator
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    Sep 2009

    Default Blueberry suitable for container

    I really want to grow some blueberries however don't have space to grow them on a plot but have read that they may be suitable for containers. Which varieties should I look out for in terms of a decent yield and also a nice taste. How large should the container be and also what type of soil should I use?

    Many thanks

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    Angelflower is offline Germinator
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    Oct 2009
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    I'm just waiting for mine to arrive so not sure about the quality/taste etc but its a compact self pollenating bush suitable for a planter. You'll need to plant it in ericaceous compost.

    Vaccinium corymbosum 'Northsky' like I say not sure on fruiting or anything cause it hasn't arrived yet and it will be a baby when it does was 6-99 from Spalding Plant & Bulb Company - Blueberry - Fruit Bush

    hope that helps a little

    Gardening is my way of avoiding housework

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    ginger ninger is offline Early Fruiter
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    Jun 2009


    Hi Matt, I have a Blueberry "Top Hat" and it produces some of the largest blueberries around, blueberry plants are not hard to grow all you need is some acidic soil that's free draining, they do like to put down a good root system, so deep soil but if your growing in a pot you can provide all these.

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    Blueberries love pots as you can control the acid soil.

    It is best to have a few plants that cover the fruiting periods. An early, mid and late. Start with one of each, they also help to pollinate each other.

    I am growing Herbert, Chandler and Nui.

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    Jeanied is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jul 2009
    In hope, near Heathrow


    I'm like Ginger - mine is a Top Hat and is in a big pot of ericaceous compost on the lottie - now growing well but too early to tell about cropping. Reading this thread I'm going to get some others to join it (well, it does look lonely).

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    Oct 2009
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    I have got Herbert & Bluecrop still in their pots at the moment as would like to do a soil test on lottie to see if they can go in the ground, if not pots it will be.

    We bought the "Herberts" from Ken Muir as they were the most scrumptious, not tried the "Bluecrop" yet but they were a bargain from B&Q.

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