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Veg Plotting by Pipkins

Me rambling about my Lottie

  1. When will the rain come?

    by , 13-05-2011 at 08:37 AM (Veg Plotting by Pipkins)
    The lottie is so dry desperately trying to dig the last few bits of land in preparation for the last of the beds and frames, this has been going on for weeks now and the lottie competition is coming up fast and I want to win

    Over wintered onions are looking fab so much better than last year, tom's are ready for planting not too sure how I will manage to shoehorn in 34 plants in

    Sweetcorn germination is a little erratic hope they come through. Beans ...
  2. When will they stop?

    by , 07-10-2010 at 04:47 PM (Veg Plotting by Pipkins)
    That will be the tomato's.

    I think we have had the best part of 300lb of the damn things!

    Butternut squashes have done very well and we will grow them again next year along with the melons which were very tasty.

    We will have to make sure the sweetcorn is fox proofed next year as out of 64 plants we only managed to eat 5 cobs before foxy loxy ate them all in one sitting

    Still getting beans but leaving them for seed
  3. Catch up

    by , 02-07-2010 at 06:42 AM (Veg Plotting by Pipkins)
    So the new shed is up and painted, little flower bed in front of it has been planted with some Osteospermums and Pelagoniums. An old galavanised tank is now home to some rose bush's and more osteo's and Little C' has started to build his wildlife hotel out of an old pallet sawn in half, he has stuffed to with sticks, bricks, grass and bamboo canes(which should have been for my tom's).

    We ate our first early spuds Pentland Javelin along with fresh peas and drumhead cabbage the other ...
  4. All planted up

    by , 11-06-2010 at 05:07 PM (Veg Plotting by Pipkins)
    Plot is nearly full

    All toms planted along with sweetcorn, beans(various) squash.

    Only have the pumpkins and courgettes to go in along with some more peas and beans.

    Think we may have some first earlies ready soon as they are about to flower. Looking forward to a bumper raspberry crop too.

    The grape vines have baby grapes and putting on masses of growth.

    Weeds just keep on coming and keeping on top of the watering will ...
  5. Better late than never!

    by , 29-04-2010 at 04:42 PM (Veg Plotting by Pipkins)
    Managed to get round to sowing

    Toms x 9 Varieties
    Sweetcorn x 4 Varieties
    Cucumber x 2 Varieties
    Courgettes x 3 Varieties
    Scallops x 2 Varieties

    Still need to sow more pea's and start all the various beans "Yummy"
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