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    Atruepeasant is offline Germinator
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    Mar 2009

    Default wireworm/millipedes

    where can I get Bromophos or something else to kill off a plague of these bugs which are eating all my potatoes? Or is there an alternative?

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    Paulottie is offline Banned
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    Feb 2007
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    Welcome Peasant,

    What a opening question!....1st establish... Is it wireworm(worse on newly broken land) or millipedes?(orange ones difficult to control and not that bothersome)....or maybe even slugs?(usual culprit for holes)

    Don't know about buying insecticides...most banned anyway.

    I'll try the non chemical approach....more my style.

    contra wireworm:
    Leave carrots and spuds on the surface of the cleaned soil over winter/early spring....wireworm burrow in...collect them up and burn them. This combined with regular cultivation and the birds pecking about should keep numbers down.

    or the biological control for slugs...I think I saw they have brought out a nematode for millipedes too....usually about 20 a pop though(you can buy a lot of spuds with that) water them on.
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