Peat free, great for your garden and greater for the planet

PlantGrow is proud to be the first in the UK to produce an award-winning range of peat free, completely organic approved fertiliser products.

PlantGrow is proud to be the first in the UK to produce an award-winning range of completely organic approved fertiliser products made from a renewable energy process, with no chemicals, no peat, no animal waste and plenty of natural goodness. PlantGrow’s organic approved fertilisers and composts are made entirely from plants, packed full of micronutrients and are leading the way to a more sustainable future.

All PlantGrow products are made entirely from plants and are approved organic by the Soil Association. They are also animal waste and chemical-free as well as peat-free, but are one of the closest products to peat in the current market.

A ‘totally natural, sustainable, and chemical-free’ product, not only is PlantGrow unique but it’s perfect for any growing task in your garden or allotment. PlantGrow does not only contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but it’s plant-based ingredients are packed full of micronutrients perfect for conditioning soils and supporting healthy plant growth.

With the govenrment set to ban peat products from 2024, PlantGrow is a fantastic solution.

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