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Tackling weeds in awkward places such as vegetable patches without affecting other plants around them has always been a tricky gardening dilemma. Until now.

The introduction of Roundup’s award-winning gel formulation means that green-fingered gardeners can now target weeds in those tricky areas without harming the plants and flowers growing nearby.

Gary Philpotts, Roundup Lawn and Garden UK Business Director, comments: “Roundup Gel is the solution that all gardeners, even those who have chosen not to use a weedkiller in the past, have been waiting for. The revolutionary formulation is applied directly to the leaf of a weed, offering a high level of precision over traditional spray products.”

Roundup Gel is absorbed through the leaves of the weed with a simple touch of the easy to use applicator. The weedkiller enters the sap stream and is carried to the growing points of the weed and kills the leaves, shoots and roots. The unique formula is also inactive upon contact with soil meaning the area is left ready for replanting.

Gary continues: “The problem with digging or pulling by hand is that if you don’t get the whole root system out, there is a good chance that the weed will grow back. If you try to pull out or dig out some weeds, when disturbed, they can spread seeds around the flowerbed and veg plot and germinate dozens of new weeds suffocating wanted plants, using up nutrients, light and water.

“With Roundup Gel, you can easily target the weed without risk to other nearby plants and the gel formulation sticks to the weed leaf and stays there, so there’s no dripping or running off onto the soil or your treasured plants and vegetables.”

150ml Roundup Gel bottle can kill up to 1000 weeds.

For further information visit

Roundup Gel RRP £8.99

Available at all good garden retailers.

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