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Fresh > EverEdge EasyBed Blog Launched

EverEdge has launched a blog to follow the EverEdge office team growing some late lettuces in one of their EasyBed Raised Beds. The blog is a photo diary which shows everything from the construction of the bed up to the moment when the lettuces will be harvested and eaten by the hungry staff. You can follow the blog at or, alternatively, you can find it through the EverEdge website on

The EverEdge EasyBed raised bed was invented, has been designed and is entirely made in the UK, primarily from recycled, and recyclable, steel. The blog shows off a 2m x 1m example of the EasyBed. However, the EasyBed kit is a modular system which allows for a whole variety of shapes and sizes to be constructed quickly and simply. Each bed is 200 mm (10”) high giving plenty of depth for growing. However, if needed, the beds can be built one on top of the other to give extra height.

Made from galvanised 2 mm thick steel, and then coated with a heavy duty brown or black paint, the EasyBed is designed to last a lifetime. It is quick to install, with simple connecting pins at each corner, and is an attractive and practical addition to any garden or allotment.

We hope you have a chance to visit the blog and see how versatile and easy to use the EasyBed is. It should also give you an opportunity to explore the benefits of raised bed gardening.

For further information, you can contact us on the below mentioned details :

Email : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web :
Blog :
Tel : 01453 731717

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