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What to Look for When Purchasing a Greenhouse

15th February 2018

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When picking a greenhouse there are many aspects you need to consider, from size, to price, and, of course, aesthetics. But one of the most important things you need to think about is the materials of the greenhouse, and more specifically, the glazing. This will determine not just the longevity of the building, but also how your plants and vegetables inside the greenhouse grow.

There are generally three types of glazing panel styles for you to consider, and your choice will be dependent on the primary type of growing you will be undertaking. For starting seedlings to be transplanted outside, clear glazing is generally the best option as it provides direct and strong light which will encourage your seedlings to grow quickly. However, for growing plants to maturity, then diffused panels are better as the light diffusion allows plants to achieve optimum photosynthesis. Also, by reducing the plants need to reach towards the direct light, they will not be so tall and leggy and will therefore grow a better, more compact shape. And for a compromise between the two, then semi-diffused is the perfect choice.

The other aspect to consider is the choice between glass and plastic glazing. Glass is considered the better option as it does not degrade and reflects the heat from the greenhouse back into the space, however it is pricey. Plastic is cheaper and is also incredibly durable, even in extreme weather. However, it transmits considerably less light than glass, so is not ideal for growing plants that need strong light levels, such as seedlings or cuttings. If you’re looking to invest in a greenhouse the GBC Group have a wide selection available.


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